Justin + Jessica. Married.

“To my bub: I struggled to find the right words to frame this but, you simply take me the way I am and I love you more than I could ever promise.” -Jessica

Being at Justin & Jessica’s wedding was like being in the presence of love in it’s purest, most genuine form. Even going through the photos again, I can feel a warmth rise in my heart. Watching Jessica grab Justin with both her hands to kiss him made my heart skip a beat. Every single guest wore their heart on their sleeve, which made it all the more enjoyable. Their families embraced each other like long lost siblings – Justin & Jessica didn’t just marry each other, they married each others’ worlds. I’ve never been hugged so many times at a wedding; never been told that I’m loved so many times; never been kissed so many times before. I’m so blessed & grateful just to be a part of their big day. Thank you Justin & Jessica.

Their wedding was featured on Rock My Wedding here. I loved how she said upon seeing Justin at the aisle “I tried very hard not to run towards him.”

  • Fantastic!!

    Captured the moment perfectly.ReplyCancel

  • divine as always jon :)ReplyCancel

  • GORGEOUS WEDDING and GORGEOUS PEOPLE! your pictures are beautiful :)ReplyCancel

  • Incredible work! I like the consistency of your editing and how you carry the story through the ceremony. Love the portraits, particularly the row of pointed trees shot and the evening backlit portraits. Very inspirational!ReplyCancel

  • Incredible images of a beautiful wedding! ♥ your work JonReplyCancel

  • Jonathan these pictures are fantastic. This couple are wonderful, they look so relaxed and woosy with the love from everyone around them, genuinely joyful!ReplyCancel

  • Just gorgeous (as always)! You’ve captured their happiness perfectly!ReplyCancel

  • anthony

    that image with the reflection makes the clouds look like they have streamers. beautiful. great set.ReplyCancel

    • jonathan ong

      thats one of my favourites tooReplyCancel

  • Helllooo from Mexico!

    Love your work Jon, absolutely AMAZING, would like someday to share a wedding in the future :)ReplyCancel

  • Your work is absolutely magical. Having scrolled through hundreds, if not thousands of weddings, I have to say this is one of my all time favorites, for the way you tell the story. Amazing.ReplyCancel

  • Nhien

    Gorgeous pictures, such an amazing wedding album. Simple yet sparkle in a distinguished way.

    I wish you two a happy marriage, health and companion for the rest of your life.

    Greeting from Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamReplyCancel

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