I have a whole bunch of people to thank; if not for them, I wouldn’t be doing what I love.

Firstly, I’d like to thank God for this wonderful talent. Everything I do is a dedication to Your awesome majesty.

Jon Keng - Thank you for starting me on this journey with weddings 6 years ago. You have played a big part of shaping me to who I am as a photographer today. All the best in London.

Ivan Tan - A great friend who shares the same philosophies and continually amazes me with your work. You are truly an artist. Keep up the good work in Singapore.

Valerie Yap - Thank you for trusting me with your song. You have such a unique sound and are very much destined for greatness. To purchase Valerie’s song, click here

Aletheia – One of my two best friends in the whole world. Thank you for the words in the introduction. You have the ability to express everything I have in my head so beautifully and poetically.

Elvin – For being so patient with me and helping me get this website up and running. 

To the couples who have so graciously opened their world and let me be a part of their big day, thank you for giving me the best job in the world. But most of all, thank you for being here. My wish is that this journey has been an experience of faith, hope and love.