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My favourite frame from Nick & Kim’s wedding over the weekend.

The more I look at this photo, my heart is full. I believe this image quintessentially represents who I am & who I strive to be as a storyteller : my love for simplicity & negative space, the honesty of the moment & the sense of wonder the image creates, with just a touch of whimsy.

Whimsical Wedding  Whimsical Wedding Honest Storytelling, with a touch of whimsy.

If you haven’t heard, I’ll be in the UK region for 6 – 8 weeks (July & August 2015), so if you are getting married in that side of the world or want to an engagement session to capture the best essence of you as a couple, do come say hello, I would love the privilege to tell your story.

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The Robertsons (see their work here) have been such a blessing in my life since our first coffee at Auction Rooms last year. David & Shobz are the loveliest people, and together with their blue eyed, blonde haired boy, Elijah, they are definitely one of my favourite people on the planet. It was at this stayover that the idea for workshops was birthed, because we really felt that we had something to share, and Asia has been on our hearts. We would love to be a blessing to you too, so do check out our workshops here.

Natural Family Photography  TheRobertsonsBlog0041 The Robertsons Family. Natural Family Photography  TheRobertsonsBlog007 The Robertsons Family.   TheRobertsonsBlog008 The Robertsons Family.   TheRobertsonsBlog006 The Robertsons Family.   TheRobertsonsBlog002 The Robertsons Family.   ElijahSneeze The Robertsons Family.   TheRobertsonsBlog009 The Robertsons Family.   TheRobertsonsBlog003 The Robertsons Family.   TheRobertsonsBlog005 The Robertsons Family.

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Last November after Paul & Victoria’s wedding here, I headed over to Newcastle to pay the Robertsons a visit. I had met David, Shobz & little Elijah once prior before going over, and we had an instant connection. The next 3 days in their lovely home involved conversations over coffee & breakfast, putting Elijah down for naps, taking naps while Elijah was napping, David whipping up desserts at will and also the idea of hosting workshops in Asia.

Today, 4 months later, we are proud to launch At Home workshops in Malaysia June 2014. See our website here for details.

Photography Workshop  Screen shot 2014 02 21 at PM 04.16.251 At Home Workshops

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