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Dave & Evan. Singapore.

Sometimes, you just know. It was like that for Evan. Within 30 seconds of getting into the car & meeting Dave, she

Joel & Pam. Singapore.

In all honesty, I was a bit worried about shooting Joel & Pam’s wedding. I’ve always been a bit

John & Sher. Phuket, Thailand.

“I love how you care about brokenness & how the sick moves your heart enough to make a change. You give your

At Home Workshops

Last November after Paul & Victoria’s wedding here, I headed over to Newcastle to pay the Robertsons a visit.

Paul & Victoria. Married in Mulgoa, NSW.

“I always remembered you as the hot blonde that was out of my league. But I’m so glad you had a dose of

2013. Year in Review.

24 Weddings. Maldives, London, Fiji, Thailand, Singapore, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia,

Simon & Sarah. London.

“Today was like every other day; I woke up and made you coffee, I was terribly disorganized while you looked

Summer in London 2012

I will be in London for the next 6 weeks. Here are some snaps from last

Kinfolk Gathering & Flower Potluck. Adelaide.

I’ve never been a big fan of gatherings with new people. As an introvert, I tend to get a bit nervous around new

Taking A Day Off.

Things have been busy; good busy. Last week I heard a podcast about taking a day off. It was such a timely message; one

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