Hi, call me Jon.

By nature, I am quiet and shy but these traits make me better at what I do. I love observing and am a great admirer of life; the camera is but my medium of capturing her majesty and youth.

I believe that love is a friendship set on fire – a combination of everyday life and magic bundled into one. Love has the unique ability to transform the webs and pillars of everyday life into silk and gold. It is more than a feeling or emotion, concept or theory; it is a being.

Growing up with art & literature, and formally trained as a Communication Designer, I found my ideals in photographs. To me, they are the best expressions of people: emotions, thoughts and tales. Each fleeting moment captured in its purest form, sealed in time, made tangible and unforgettable. I believe photographs are like storybooks; they have the ability to reveal enough for one to relive a moment, but yet not too much so that one’s imagination has the opportunity to wander.

I love dreams. There are the kinds bizarre that indulge the fantastical & the kinds so real as to infuse hope into reality; there are the kinds that fragment, even disappear, upon waking & then there are the kinds that linger on for longer. From these dreams we conjure, we can bring back snapshots, persons, the atmosphere, an idea, a theme. We weave them into possibilities and turn them into weddings: both magical and real at once.

My favourite stories are those most honest – joyous occasions with a personal touch. To watch couples throw parties for others loved, as friends and family celebrate a union from which all tomorrows start. Each is always unique to the wedded dreamers and those present. And this is why I love weddings.

Thank you for being here. I sincerely can’t wait for our paths to cross and am excited about getting to know you. I believe the process is just as important as the outcome; the journey is the destination.

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