“As long as we’re together, we’re home.” – Travis

I simply cannot wait for tomorrow with you, for next year with you, to grow old with you.” – Kristy

I was looking forward to this wedding ever since meeting Travis & Kristy for the first time last year. There was a connection between them that made me smile – the kind of connection between two people that would give anyone hope in love. Their vision for their wedding was to be fun & relaxed, down to earth, and most importantly a genuine representation of their love for each other. I am so thankful that I got to celebrate Travis & Kristy’s big day with them. I left this wedding with my heart full.

cannot thank you enough, I truly cant - we feel so damn lucky to have had you as our photographer. Thank you so much Jon, from the bottom of our hearts.” – Travis & Kristy

  TravisKristy077 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy001 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy002 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy004 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy007 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy008 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy009 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy010 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy011 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy012 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy013 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy014 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy015 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy019 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy025 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy018 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy020 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy021 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy024 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy022 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy023 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy026 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy027 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy028 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy029 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy030 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy033 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy031 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy032 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy034 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy035 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy036 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy037 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy038 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy039 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy040 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy041 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy043 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy042 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy049 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy048 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy044 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy045 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy046 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy047 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy050 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy051 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy052 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy053 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy054 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy055 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy056 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy057 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy058 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy059 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy062 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy060 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy061 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy064 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy063 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy065 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy066 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy068 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy075 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy073 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy076 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy081 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy078 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy084 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy074 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy079 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy080 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy070 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy083 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy085 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy086 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy082 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy072 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy069 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy071 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy087 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy088 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy089 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy090 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy091 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy092 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy093 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy094 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy095 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy096 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy097 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy116 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy115 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy098 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy099 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy100 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy101 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy102 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy103 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy104 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy105 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy106 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy107 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy109 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy110 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy108 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy113 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy114 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy111 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy117 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy118 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy119 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy112 Travis & Kristy. Their wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty here.
Venue : Zonzo, Train Trak Winery, Yarra Valley, Victoria
Planning & Styling : 
Love Clarence, Flowers and Fancy Goods
Bride’s dress : Rosa Gown by Johanna Johnson
Groom : Paul Smith
Flowers : Love Clarence, Flowers and Fancy Goods

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Penang has always been a city dear to my heart. My family used to make yearly trips with my grandparents. I still remember the blue plates of fragrant Char Kway Teow & being dragged to countless antique shops while my grandma hunted for vintage treasures. I remember the warmth of my grandpa’s gigantic hands as we walked the streets of Georgetown, followed by an afternoon at the beach. We would watch him swim in the sea, further & further from land till he became a small dot. My mum would say “Look there’s Ah Kong!” while my brothers & I endeavoured to build the most amazing sandcastles. Even back then, I still could hear a hint of worry in my mum’s voice as she looked out in the distance.

A few months ago, together with the Robertsons, we held our first workshop in Penang, Malaysia. I’ve never been much of a speaker & often get nervous in big groups, so part of me was terrified at the idea of hosting a workshop. The workshop turned out to be truly a life changing experience. We went into the workshop ready to pour out our hearts to those present, but after the 2 days, we left the workshop with our hearts full & overflowing with joy. There’s something special about giving unconditionally – the reward at the end of the process is more than one’s imagination can fathom. Penang, you have truly cemented your place in my heart.

I can’t wait for the upcoming workshops – the next one being in Melbourne, the city which I proudly call home. See here for the upcoming workshop details & check out the new rebrand. But for now, enjoy some images from the city that currently has my heart, Penang.

At Home Workshop Penang 2014 Pack  At Home Workshop Penang 2014001 At Home Workshops, Penang 2014   At Home Workshop Penang 2014004 At Home Workshops, Penang 2014   At Home Workshop Penang 2014002 At Home Workshops, Penang 2014   At Home Workshop Penang 2014003 At Home Workshops, Penang 2014   At Home Workshop Penang 2014012 At Home Workshops, Penang 2014   At Home Workshop Penang 2014007 At Home Workshops, Penang 2014 At Home Workshop, Penang 2014  At Home Workshop Penang 2014011 At Home Workshops, Penang 2014   At Home Workshop Penang 2014006 At Home Workshops, Penang 2014   At Home Workshop Penang 2014005 At Home Workshops, Penang 2014   At Home Workshop Penang 2014008 At Home Workshops, Penang 2014   At Home Workshop Penang 2014010 At Home Workshops, Penang 2014   At Home Workshop Penang 2014009 At Home Workshops, Penang 2014

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In all honesty, I was a bit worried about shooting Joel & Pam’s wedding.
I’ve always been a bit hesitant to shoot weddings back in Singapore. Ever since moving to Melbourne, I’ve been spoilt with good light and intimate celebrations. My memory of weddings in Singapore is being hot & humid, of events filled with obligations & traditions, and many people cramped in small spaces.

But when I met Joel & Pam, something in my gut told me to go for it.
Joel met Pam in university, where they both studied law. They actually met when Joel, being the gentleman he is, helped Pam pick up her notes from the floor. As the saying goes, the rest is history. Joel is still a lawyer while Pam runs a social enterprise called Saught, which creates jewellery from landmines & unexploded ordinance to support post-conflict countries. (Check out Saught here)

As they spoke about their wedding, Joel & Pam made it clear that it was a thanksgiving celebration focused on their friends & family having a good time.  And in an effort to honour their parents & traditions, they had two receptions – one for themselves (with awesome pancakes) & one for their family.

This turned out to be one of my favourite weddings of the year.
It was truly special day. A friend described Joel as “a guy who has waited his whole life to get married.”
The pastor who married them also married Joel’s parents 30 years ago. Friends flew in from far & wide, vendors became friends, and the evening light was magical, a far cry from my memories of photographing weddings in Singapore 8 years ago. Their logo on the invitation and place cards, designed by close friends Alex & Pui Yee was simple & clever, elements that I really enjoy seeing in graphic design. Pam ended the night with a surprise ukulele rendition of the song “Closer to You” for Joel, showered with stars and glitter.

I’m thankful our paths crossed & am glad that now I can call JAM friends of mine.

  JoelPam075 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam001 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam002 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam004 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam005 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam006 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam007 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam008 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam011 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam009 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam010 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam003 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam012 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam013 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam014 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam016 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam015 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam020 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam019 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam018 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam021 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam022 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JP4.pdf 2 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam023 Joel & Pam. Singapore.

  JoelPam024 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam025 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam026 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam027 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam029 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam032 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam028 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam030 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam031 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam042 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam033 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam034 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam035 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam036 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam037 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam038 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam039 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam040 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam041 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam043 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam044 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam045 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam046 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam047 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam048 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam049 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam050 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam051 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam052 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam053 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam054 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam055 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam057 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam056 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam058 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam059 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam060 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam061 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam064 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam063 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam076 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam077 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam065 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam066 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam067 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam068 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam069 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam070 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam071 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam072 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam073 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam074 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam078 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam079 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam062 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam080 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam081 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam082 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam083 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam092 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam084 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam085 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam087 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam086 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam088 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam089 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam090 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam091 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam093 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam094 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam095 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam096 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam097 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam098 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam099 Joel & Pam. Singapore.   JoelPam100 Joel & Pam. Singapore.

Their wedding was featured on Ruffled here.
Venue : Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church, Singapore & Food for Thought @ National Museum, Singapore
Planning & Styling : In Merry Motion
Bride’s dress : Designed by Bride, handmade in Cambodia
Groom’s suit : Tailor-made in Shanghai, China.
Wedding Bands : Saught
Wedding Invites: Alex Kwan & Pui Yee Cheung

  • Wowowow! These are beautiful and made me so overwhelmed and filled with love and good vibes! thankyou for taking the time to share these beautiful images!!
    Congrats on moving past initial hesitations made from past experiences to capture such a gorgeous and God filled wedding!


  • Definitely glad you got over the hesitation. What a fun filled wedding and captured perfectly my friend.ReplyCancel

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