When I first met Marlon & Caz, I asked them how they met.
With a drink in their hands, they looked at each other, smiled & said, “We caught up for a drink, and we’ve been catching up ever since.”
It was after that line that  I instinctively knew there was going to be something special about their wedding day.

Their wedding was held at Caz’s parent’s house out in Mt Eliza. The ceremony consisted of just their immediate family & myself. Every moment during their ceremony was so genuinely heartfelt. I still can’t believe that I had the honour of being part of such an intimate celebration. It is because of weddings like this that I love what I do.

Friends joined them after for a wonderfully whimsical party, styled by the fabulous girls from The Style Co.

Marlon & Caz, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your celebration. It is a day that I will always hold dear to my heart & I can only hope that these images do justice to the memory of your big day.

  MarlonCaz014 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz001 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz007 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz003 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz004 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz005 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz016 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz012 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz013 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz002 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz008 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz011 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz015 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz017 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz019 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz031 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz020 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz021 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz022 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz025 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz023 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz026 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz027 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz024 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz028 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz029 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz030 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz032 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz033 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz034 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz035 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz036 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz037 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz006 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz010 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz052 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz038 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz039 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz056 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz040 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz044 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz041 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz043 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz042 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz055 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz045 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz046 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz047 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz048 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz049 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz050 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz051 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz053 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz067 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz054 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz018 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz057 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz058 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz060 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz059 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz061 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz076 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz069 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz072 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz070 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz071 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz062 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz063 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz064 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz074 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz066 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz065 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz068 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz073 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz075 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz077 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz078 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz079 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz080 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz081 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz082 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz083 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz085 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz086 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz084 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz088 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz090 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz087 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz091 Marlon & Caz.   MarlonCaz089 Marlon & Caz.

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Being true to myself has always been something of a priority in my life. The journey hasn’t been easy, especially when we live in a time where images are bombarded at us from every angle & it is easy to subconsciously follow trends or strive to be something we are not.

After attending a few workshops myself (Jesh De Rox, Jonas & Sean, Feet First), I can safely say that over the last 5 years, I’ve found my voice as an artist & stayed true to who I am. At the same time neither do I claim to have “made it”; the journey continues & constant learning is necessary for growth. Even today I still attend various creative workshops, because I believe one should never stop learning.

When the Robertsons (see their work here) asked me back in 2013 whether I was keen to start a workshop with them, there wasn’t any hesitation to jump on board. I’ve always had it in my heart to share & give back to the community but I’ve never been one to be comfortable with speaking in front of crowds so the thought of running a workshop by myself never materialised beyond a thought. But in the Robertsons, I’ve found the perfect people to do it with.

We believe that this workshop is unlike any other. Our heart has always been for artists to be true to themselves and be proud of their uniqueness as individuals & to play to that strength. We hope that each artist will be able to carry a sense of home in what they do, and ultimately find joy & fulfilment – to be successful not only at business, but also at life.

Like home, we believe there needs to be a sense of continuity, and for it not to be just a two day affair. We love & appreciate that you have invested in what we are doing & also in yourself. We are here to invest uniquely in you as well & to ensure continuity and growth, we will personally follow up with each person after the workshop has concluded.

We have so much to share, & I hope you would come join us.
Check out the website for more details: www.athomeworkshops.com

At Home Workshops  At Home Workshop Promo Workshops

The next workshop is in Melbourne - 26th to 27th November 2014.
Check out more details here.

Melbourne Photography Workshop  Melb Workshop 2 Workshops

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“As long as we’re together, we’re home.” – Travis

I simply cannot wait for tomorrow with you, for next year with you, to grow old with you.” – Kristy

I was looking forward to this wedding ever since meeting Travis & Kristy for the first time last year. There was a connection between them that made me smile – the kind of connection between two people that would give anyone hope in love. Their vision for their wedding was to be fun & relaxed, down to earth, and most importantly a genuine representation of their love for each other. I am so thankful that I got to celebrate Travis & Kristy’s big day with them. I left this wedding with my heart full.

cannot thank you enough, I truly cant - we feel so damn lucky to have had you as our photographer. Thank you so much Jon, from the bottom of our hearts.” – Travis & Kristy

  TravisKristy077 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy001 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy002 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy004 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy007 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy008 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy009 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy010 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy011 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy012 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy013 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy014 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy015 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy019 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy025 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy018 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy020 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy021 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy024 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy022 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy023 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy026 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy027 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy028 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy029 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy030 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy033 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy031 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy032 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy034 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy035 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy036 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy037 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy038 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy039 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy040 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy041 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy043 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy042 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy049 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy048 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy044 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy045 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy046 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy047 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy050 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy051 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy052 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy053 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy054 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy055 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy056 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy057 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy058 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy059 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy062 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy060 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy061 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy064 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy063 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy065 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy066 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy068 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy075 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy073 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy076 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy081 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy078 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy084 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy074 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy079 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy080 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy070 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy083 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy085 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy086 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy082 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy072 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy069 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy071 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy087 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy088 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy089 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy090 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy091 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy092 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy093 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy094 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy095 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy096 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy097 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy116 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy115 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy098 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy099 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy100 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy101 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy102 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy103 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy104 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy105 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy106 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy107 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy109 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy110 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy108 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy113 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy114 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy111 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy117 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy118 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy119 Travis & Kristy.   TravisKristy112 Travis & Kristy. Their wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty here.
Venue : Zonzo, Train Trak Winery, Yarra Valley, Victoria
Planning & Styling : 
Love Clarence, Flowers and Fancy Goods
Bride’s dress : Rosa Gown by Johanna Johnson
Groom : Paul Smith
Flowers : Love Clarence, Flowers and Fancy Goods

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