Chris & Merrily. married at zonzo estate, yarra valley.

"We fell in love with our photographer Jon, he was everywhere all at once, nothing was posed or structured, he always had a smile and felt like part of the family. When we saw the images he had captured we both teared up, we re-lived the moment but with so much more due to the aspect he was able to capture and the energy." I smiled when I read these kind words from Chris & Merrily.

The beauty about a wedding day is that it is a series of stories coming together. And within this particular Greek - Irish story, there were stories even amongst the most seemingly ordinary things - it was like stumbling upon hidden treasures as the story of Chris & Merrily's special day unfolded, on the day of their 10th year anniversary as a couple.

Merrily's red shoes were given to her by her parents when she was 17 & left home, to act as her "ruby slippers" in case she ever got homesick. The "bridegroom" & "bride" placecards were from Chris' grandparents' wedding. His late Papou (grandfather) used to say "I love you all the time" and these words in neon were the focal point of the reception, lighting up the room. Their Stephana crowns were made from olive branches from their own garden, intricately woven with eucalyptus nuts, representing Chris' family dog, Caesar, who passed away the year before. Merrily's mum made her beautiful blush-toned dress. The beads & sequins on her collar were from her late grandmother's wedding dress.

With the vision of the girls from Georgeous & the genius of Cecilia Fox, the stories were pulled together in a masterful way.

She promised to never leave him hanging in a middle of a high 5. He promised to always be her home.

There's no place like home, and home's where you're loved, all the time: these two thoughts are a bit like book ends to my happy memories of Chris & Merrily's day. I'm glad I was able to capture a few pages of the story they'll continue to write together.

"Marriage means to have each other's back & shrug when the other is being a total pain in the ass."

 Their wedding was featured on Nouba here
Venue : Zonzo Estate 
Flowers : Cecilia Fox 
Wedding Styling : Georgeous
Celebrant : Mrs Hitch