Hi, my name is Jonathan, but you can call me Jon.

When people ask me why I do what I do, the simplest answer is I love weddings.

By nature, I am quiet & shy, but I believe these traits make me better at what I do. Trained as a Communication Designer, I found my ideals in photographs. To me, they are the best expressions of people: emotions, thoughts & tales – sealed in time, made tangible & unforgettable. So for the past 12 years, I’ve used photography to tell stories, primarily through weddings.

I believe a good story is honest, with a touch of whimsy & makes you feel at home. My approach to each wedding is that of an observer, subtly capturing your story while respecting the integrity of each fleeting moment. My hope is that my images make you feel, inspire you to remember, encourage you to imagine & help you to love again.

I believe that love has the unique ability to transform the pillars of everyday life into something magical & real, all at once. My favourite stories are joyous occasions with a personal touch – to watch couples throw parties for those dearest, as friends & family celebrate a union from which all tomorrows start. Each is always unique to the wedded dreamers and those present. And this is why I love weddings.

I feel so blessed that couples are willing to share their story with me, and am thankful to do what I love. After my first year where I shot weddings every single weekend, I promised myself to never take this joy & privilege for granted again, and so with just 24 weddings a year, I hold each wedding dear to my heart. Thank you for being here, I can’t wait for our paths to cross &  look forward to getting to know you.

Feel free to explore this space – every single element & detail has been designed with a specific purpose, to mimic that of a book of short stories. I’ve poured out my heart & soul onto these pages and my hope is that you will experience a renewed sense of faith, hope & love.

Thank you for taking time to read this – I know it’s quite wordy for the digital age, but I felt it was important to explain my process & why I do what I do. To me, the journey is more important than a destination. If you wanted to find out more about me, check out the links below.