Sam & Ting. At Home.

Sam and Ting have just moved into their light-filled home after a busy year of working and travelling. I have been thinking, lately, about just how precious the time that couples have as just the two of you is, once home starts. For Krystin and I, our little family will be three next summer.  I think it was one day when we shared a meaningful moment, or perhaps a silly moment, one where we laughed like kids - that Krystin suddenly said there was a part of her that wished our children could see us right as we were then, and it was sad in a way that they never would. Although our children will never see us in our youth now - we will in some sense always be 'old' to them - hopefully what they will know of the inevitably more wrinkly selves ahead are better versions of us; far better even than what we think of now as our best.

With these thoughts, I had the funniest of feelings during this shoot. A realisation that photographs give us the ability to quietly time travel. A funny imagining that it was as if I was Sam and Ting's child from the future, gone back in time to catch a glimpse of what mum and dad were like before me.

Sam & Ting, I hope these images will become increasingly valuable as time and tide go on, stopping for no man or woman.

As dinner finished, I slipped away, feeling like a moment thief (of the good kind), wanting to stow away with a knowing about home that I wouldn't forget for all of time.