Bennett & Jasmine. Date Night Wedding at FOC Sentosa, Singapore.

Tuesday - an otherwise ordinary day.  Not the start of the week, not the middle nor the end.  But Krystin & I got together on a Tuesday, and married on a Tuesday evening. So it brought a smile to my face when Bennett & Jasmine said they were getting married on a Tuesday, for the simple reason that it was their weekly date night.

And their celebration turned out to be the best night - they asked their guests to dress as they would for a date, and everyone joined in to enjoy the paella station, sangria on tap, and a cake of cheese tiers, with the couple's favourite blue, topped with figs.

Jasmine & Bennett also made delicious smelling soy candles, and named them Melbourne Date Night, reminiscent of the peppermint tea they share every night and Ben's proposal in Melbourne, in a lavendar farm.

Here's to many more wonderful date nights, Bennett & Jasmine, and at the close of each day, saying goodnight instead of goodbye.

"Thank you incredibly so! We looked through the photos in such detail last night and we are in awe of your talent and your point of view. The images are so clean and timeless and we reallly are in love! The colours and tones are exactly as we remember them to be, (maybe through our rose tinted view of the day haha) and we love how organic and natural everything feels. The morning photos before everything began have a special spot in our hearts, the light and captured love (and kosmo) are amazing, and as we are in the same place every day, that makes it even more special- a reminder to love extravagantly in the every day.

Thank you for picking up all the in betweens, the intentional edits to bring out subtleties that we didn't even realise could be significant in telling such a compelling, moving story of the day. Thank you for capturing laughter, tears, reactions, cheers, high fives, steps, words, gazes, textures and so much more that we couldn't absorb on the day of. Thank you for being such a sport, allowing us to be our goofy selves and journeying with us through the day with an open mind, of not putting us in a box and for letting us try the peppers and piña like a friend would! We couldn't have imagined the day without you, and thanks to you, we get to relive the day again and again. " - Jasmine & Bennett

Their wedding was first featured on JuneBug Weddings here & later on The Wedding Scoop here.

Venue : FOC Sentosa, Singapore Bride's dress : BHLDN Flowers : whiff & Flowerboydotcom Invitations : Karen Hutchinson Rings : Lucy & Miu Ribbons : Eirene Artisan