Continuing In The Season of Thanks

A friend once commented that I'm probably the most detailed guy she's ever met. I'm not sure whether I would call myself an incredibly detailed person, but I took it as a compliment anyway. I'd like to think that I have empathy; putting myself in someone's shoes and walking around in it - a lesson learnt from To Kill A Mockingbird back in literature class years ago.

I ended the year 2011 with being thankful and it's something I've brought forward with me to 2012. As I start my 3 months worth of travels, I have begun leaving thank you name cards at the places I eat at. The cards are made out of brown kraft paper and stamped with "thank you"on the outside and a few details on the inside. I wanted the cards to be simple & organic - nothing too fancy or contrived. The aim of the card is to thank people in a more tangible way; on top of simply saying thank you. There's tendency to take good service for granted, so I wanted to go the extra mile and let people know they are appreciated. I truly believe there's something magical about receiving a handmade item in this modern age of digital technology - like receiving a handwritten letter instead of an email. My hope that this little "guerrilla" project brightens up someone's day. You can follow the project on Instagram here.

The cards also served as a healthy reminder for myself - to be thankful. Always.