Dave & Evan. Singapore.

Sometimes, you just know. It was like that for Evan. Within 30 seconds of getting into the car & meeting Dave, she knew they would end up married.

Good friends, Joel & Pam (their wedding here) set them up. A dinner between the four of them saw Dave and Evan getting along like a house on fire.

Other than that first introduction, Dave & Evan didn't need much help. Their next lunch date continued into dinner, and became a whole day spent laughing and talking together. Two people who were once just friends of friends and strangers to each other fell in love, and became the best of friends themselves.

Dave & Evan's story made me reflect on how lovely it is when friends really know you, and have an inkling that they know someone that might just be just right for you. It's joyous when friends are part of your story in that way.

I'm glad they knew.

Ceremony : Raffles Hotel
Singapore Reception : Beng Thin Hoon Kee Restaurant, Singapore