Guy & Yukie. Lausanne, Switzerland.

I remember receiving Guy & Yukie's email early last year. They spoke about their long distance relationship over the last 5 years between Switzerland, London, Tokyo, Egypt & New York. They retold the story of how Guy proposed in Switzerland a month earlier. And then, they spoke about their love for their grandfathers. Yukie was named after Mount Fuji's snow by her grandfather. Guy's grandfather had passed away while hiking a mountain in Switzerland while Yukie's grandfather had never left Japan in the 95 years of his life & one of his last wishes was to visit Europe. They said their wedding would be a nice place for their grandfathers to connect. I love a good story about grandfathers - it reminds me of my Ah Kong. I fell in love with them instantly & knew I wanted to be a part of their big day.

After a few correspondence, I had to sadly turn down their wedding, purely due to logistic & economical reasons. Their reply surprised me, and asked me what they could do to make it more worth my while. I guess 5 years of long distance relationship teaches you to have perseverance. I'm glad they never gave up, because looking back, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Enjoy.

Their wedding was featured on White Magazine here.
Bride's dress : Angelina Colarusso
Groom's suit: Hugo Boss
Flowers : Schilliger
Venue : Porte Des Iris