At Home Workshops, Penang 2014

Penang has always been a city dear to my heart. My family used to make yearly trips with my grandparents. I still remember the blue plates of fragrant Char Kway Teow & being dragged to countless antique shops while my grandma hunted for vintage treasures. I remember the warmth of my grandpa's gigantic hands as we walked the streets of Georgetown, followed by an afternoon at the beach. We would watch him swim in the sea, further & further from land till he became a small dot. My mum would say "Look there's Ah Kong!" while my brothers & I endeavoured to build the most amazing sandcastles. Even back then, I still could hear a hint of worry in my mum's voice as she looked out in the distance. A few months ago, together with the Robertsons, we held our first workshop in Penang, Malaysia. I've never been much of a speaker & often get nervous in big groups, so part of me was terrified at the idea of hosting a workshop. The workshop turned out to be truly a life changing experience. We went into the workshop ready to pour out our hearts to those present, but after the 2 days, we left the workshop with our hearts full & overflowing with joy. There's something special about giving unconditionally - the reward at the end of the process is more than one's imagination can fathom. Penang, you have truly cemented your place in my heart.

I can't wait for the upcoming workshops - the next one being in Melbourne, the city which I proudly call home. See here for the upcoming workshop details & check out the new rebrand. But for now, enjoy some images from the city that currently has my heart, Penang.

At Home Workshop Penang 2014 PackAt Home Workshop, Penang 2014