Justin & Jessica. Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding.

"To my bub: I struggled to find the right words to frame this but, you simply take me the way I am and I love you more than I could ever promise." - Jessica
Justin & Jessica's wedding was my first wedding at Stones of the Yarra Valley. Since then, I've gotten married there myself and have been back numerous times.
Being at Justin & Jessica's wedding was like being in the presence of love in it's purest, most genuine form. Even going through the photos again, I can feel a warmth rise in my heart. Watching Jessica grab Justin with both her hands to kiss him made my heart skip a beat. Every single guest wore their heart on their sleeve, which made it all the more enjoyable. Their families embraced each other like long lost siblings - Justin & Jessica didn't just marry each other, they married each others' worlds. I've never been hugged so many times at a wedding; never been told that I'm loved so many times; never been kissed so many times before. I'm so blessed & grateful just to be a part of their big day. Thank you Justin & Jessica.