Justin + Sarah. Collingwood Children's Farm, Melbourne.

I remember meeting Justin & Sarah over a year ago, after a long day of meetings. I was tired and was looking forward to the Italian Film Festival later that night to just kick back and relax. But when they arrived, there was a change in the atmosphere, and I remember suddenly feeling like I had a shot of excitement injected into me. Not because their wedding sounded like tons of fun, but because they had such great spirits. Justin & Sarah; they are atmosphere changers. They exude happiness whenever they walk in a room. They're one of those couples that you want to be around, just because you feel like the world is a better place when you're around them. I remember forcing myself to end the meeting because I was already late for the film, and thinking to myself on the way, 'Boy, I would have been happy to spend another hour talking with them.' One year later, on the 27th August 2011, they got married at Collingwood Children's Farm, as winter was nearing it's end. However, the weather was nothing close to winter; it actually felt summer-ish, a rare occurrence in Melbourne; a city notoriously known for it's erratic weather. It was almost as if their happiness was so contagious that even the weather caught on and nothing less than a summer's day would do.

Their wedding was full of details - vintage red school bus, an retro celebrant, button badges for each guest, matching tea cups and plates for every guest to take home, old lady tap dancers as the opening act for their reception, mini wedding cakes for everyone to cut at the same time and a flash mob bridal dance. But at the end of the day, all that mattered was the love that these two amazing people had for each other. To find out more about their wedding, you can hop on to the Ruffled feature here.

During the vows, they laughed and cried. Justin promised to be Sarah's pumpkin while Sarah promised to learn the art of massage. They promised to live happily ever after and grow old together. They each picked a song for the march in and march out without revealing their song choice to each other prior to the wedding. And it turned out to be the same song - This Will Be Our Year by the Zombies.

"The warmth of your love is like the warmth of the sun and this will be our year took a long time to come"