Kinfolk Gathering & Flower Potluck. Adelaide.

I've never been a big fan of gatherings with new people. As an introvert, I tend to get a bit nervous around new folk, and probably because I haven't mastered the art of small talk. During weddings, I pride myself on being like ninja, hiding amongst the shadows, behind the comfort of my camera. But when Scout, from White Wall Photography, told me that he was hosting a Kinfolk dinner in Adelaide at his new home, my love for Kinfolk Magazine and house warmings kicked in and I knew I had to get over my fears and be there. Scout & Alia's new home is an absolute delight; with white brick walls and plenty of natural light pouring into the house - keeping with their brand name. Their house was once a bacon curing house, which I found to be quite funny, considering that they are vegetarians.

Upon my arrival, I quickly made friends with Scout's son, Oliver. I've noticed that I tend to navigate towards kids during gatherings as such; maybe it's their lack of the concept of small talk and their pure honesty that puts me at ease. And as dinner guests started to arrive, I'm glad I've started the night with friend, even if he is a good 20 years younger.

The night moved on smoothly, starting with the flower workshop followed by a gorgeous meal prepared by Alia. Looking back, I'm not sure what I was so fearful about to begin with - I had a great time and ended up leaving with new friends, a satisfied stomach and my first bouquet of flowers.

Kinfolk Dinner, AdelaideKinfolk Dinner, AdelaideKinfolk Dinner, Adelaide

You can see Scout & Alia's surprise proposal here, and be sure to check out their website here. And also my new friends from Fete Press here.