Polaroid Penang.

I took a short trip up to Penang after my engagement session with Luke & Jennifer in Kuala Lumpur. With the help of local boys Ben & Jia Ren, I ate some of the most amazing food ever.

Penang has always held a dear place in my heart. When we were kids, my family used to travel there every year with my grandparents.
I remember sitting at the entrances of musty old shops waiting for grandma to find her treasures amongst the trash (she now has one of the largest collections of Perankan antiques in Singapore). I remember eating Penang's famous char kway teow & chicken feet with my grandpa on round wooden tables as the coffee shop bustled with hungry locals. Those were simpler times, where all that really mattered was here
and now.

Going back to Penang reminded me that all one really needs is a simple life. That less is actually in fact more.