Shadows exist because there is light

Life is such a fragile thing. It's been a month since my grandpa passed away. And during the service; the pastor said this profound statement: "Shadows only exist because there is light"

I've contemplated posting up actual proceedings during the funeral but have decided to put images that remind me of my grandpa instead. The bed he slept in, the chair where he drank his coffee every morning, the idiosyncrasies that made my grandpa, well, my grandpa.

Life is such a fragile thing.

For the funeral, I wrote an short eulogy for my grandpa.

"As you all know by now, my grandfather was a man with a generous spirit. He always thought about others before himself, especially when it came to family. His family meant everything to him. He was a man of few words; his actions reflected what an amazing man he was.

My grandfather loved Shortbread. I remember being in his office a few years ago and he said to me, "Can you get me some short bread?" My grandfather was the sort of man who never asked for anything unless he really wanted it, so I immediately agreed and got him some shortbread from the nearby supermarket. And so it became sort of a routine; every time I came back from Melbourne, I'd buy him a few boxes of shortbread, and within a few days he would have demolished them all.

'Ah Kong, I'm back from Melbourne, and here's a box of shortbread for you. Every time I eat a piece of shortbread, I'll remember you and give thanks. For your life; for your big heart; for your amazing spirit. I wish I had a chance to say goodbye. Let's not say goodbye; but let's say see you later.' "