Stephan & Kate. Krefeld, Germany.

London, July 2015. "Hey Jon, I learnt a new word from a friend today. I think you will like it. It's German."

I looked up at Ivan with eager anticipation, knowing of our mutual love for similar philosophies.

"Geborgenheit - it's the feeling like being in your mother's womb."

Stephan & Kate got married in a small town called Krefeld, west of Germany, an hour from Dusseldorf. Along with friends & family, they made long trip from Melbourne, where they now reside & where they first met while Stephan was backpacking 8 years ago. Since then, Kate has picked up German, and quite well at that, and they decided to celebrate their big day where Stephan grew up. It was a intimate affair amongst their dearest loved ones, overflowing with beautiful sense of home, warmth & comfort. Geborgenheit indeed.