Riccardo & Sabrina. Married in Lake Como, Italy.

I remember receiving Sabrina's email last year; asking whether I would be open to photograph her wedding in Lake Como, Italy. She had no idea that I was going to be in London at that time and just took a long shot by sending me a hopeful email even though she had already booked another photographer in Italy. And thank God she had the courage to send that email, because it all worked out in the end (well, not for the Italian photographer, oops) and I got to be part of her celebrations at Lake Como. Thank you Sabrina & Riccardo - for putting your faith in me. I'm planning another trip to the UK Europe region in July & August 2013. So if you are getting married in UK or anywhere in the European region, take a leap of faith like Sabrina did; come say hello. Lake Como WeddingLake Como WeddingLake Como WeddingLake Como Wedding



New York, New York

New York is a lot harsher in the summer, comparatively to my last visit during winter 4 and a half years ago. There's much more swearing going around, cars horn more frequently and each horn last longer, and I guess people are generally more irritated because of the intense heat. But nevertheless, I fell in love with New York once again - for her brutal honesty and fierce charm. Because there's simply no place like New York.