Nick & Kim. Abbotsford Convent Wedding, Melbourne.

“The number one question was ‘Who’s going to photograph your wedding?’ ” – Kim said during her thank you speech, before pointing me out from the crowd.

It’s a humbling thing being asked to document someone’s wedding, let alone being asked to photograph a fellow photographer’s wedding. Kim is a wedding photographer based in Melbourne (see her awesome work here) – she’s not just a colleague, but also a friend.

Nick & Kim are the exactly the kind of couple I love photographing. They have incredible chemistry, know how to have fun, and have the uncanny ability to make each other laugh. They said their I do’s in the gardens of Abbotsford Convent, surrounded by friends & family. Their vows lead to a combination of tears and laughter – my favourite kind. The reception was no different – a light hearted affair with a warmth & intimacy, and of course some great dance floor moves.

On the day of their wedding, I woke up slightly nervous, feeling that extra pressure. As I left the house and bid farewell to Krystin, she assured me not to worry & that I’d be great, and reminded me to shoot with a sense of wonder. I needed that reminder (and that’s why I’m marrying this incredible girl), and with that in mind, this turned out to be one of my favourite weddings of the year. Enjoy.