Tyson & Brigette. City Rooftop Wedding.

Living in New York, Tyson & Brigette wanted to celebrate with their friends & family back in Melbourne which reflected their life back in the Big Apple. So it was an easy decision to choose Tonic House as their reception venue - a rooftop nestled amongst the skyscrapers of the Melbourne, under some festoon lights. From there, everything else fell into place. In typical New York fashion, the rest of the day’s locations were walking distance from each other - they got ready at the Grand Hyatt and their ceremony was held at the Immigration Museum.

Their wedding was featured on Nouba here.
Venue : Tonic House & Immigration Museum
Bride's dress : Georgia Young Couture
Groom's suit : The Suit Shop
Flowers : I Heart Flowers
Catering : Blakes Feast
Prop Hire : Dann Event Hire

Peter & Anna. A rainy Wedding at Abbotsford Convent.

It was December - summer in Melbourne. What are the chances you would need gumboots?
But like any living in Melbourne knows - this city is known for it’s unpredictable weather. As it turned out, on this very December day, it was the heaviest rainfall of the year. With guests were armed with umbrellas, Peter & Anna put on their gumboots and embraced the rain at Abbotsford Convent. Nevertheless, it was the perfect day for Peter & Anna. Full of joy & laughter amongst those dearest.
In many ways I guess that’s like life isn’t it? The perfect day is what you make of it, despite the weather.